I am not your typical life coach. Though having successfully collaborated on lucrative financial projects, attaining a six-figure salary, numerous awards, and managing political affairs campaigns, I was met with an internal reality check. The same way a corporation’s priorities necessitated a reorganization; so did my life!

Feeling ‘boxed in’ by the constant demands of life in corporate America, I turned towards my faith for relief; more importantly, answers. A moment of sincere meditation would reveal God’s plan. I heard the voice of God tell me to position myself to receive. A command that catapulted me out of the strenuous monotony of a dead-end corporate job and into the heartbeat of my destiny.

Destined for Greatness is a multi-faceted life coaching program that champions clients to value themselves and to acknowledge that they are too the heartbeat of their destiny. I encourage clients to organize their paths by aligning their personal aspiration with the four pulses of life: faith, love, finance, and career

Through innovation and accountability, I customize a development plan that offers clients various products, coaching, and therapeutic resolve to become successful at executing their life goals.

My Training

I have a BA in International Studies, an MPA with a concentration in Government Management, and am a Certified Life Coach with one of the most renowned speakers in the nation, Tony Gaskins. I also completed a coaching course with Skill Success Academy.

I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to have acquired the education best apt to both consult and administer an impressive partnership with clients, I am most proud of my willingness to pioneer in the journey of following my own path to destiny. A path that I believe will ultimately help many others to complete their own.

I am confident my life-coaching program will play a lead role in engineering the personal success and self-value that is quintessential for this generation. With a heart for others, a willingness to provide excellence in service, I am ready to show the world that they are Destined for Greatness.

My Mission

We are a multi-faceted coaching and development program existing to create innovative strategies that promote growth and excellence in the lives of all we serve. We are committed to helping our clients deepen their relationship with the four pulses of their destiny: faith, love, finance, and career.

We believe our clients are the heartbeat of their destiny, and they are mutually

“Destined for Greatness”

My Vision

Destined for Greatness is committed to helping over 1 million people achieve their personal goals by way of collaboration, support, and accountability. Our coaching program is devoted to strengthening client congruency with their four pulses: faith, love, finance, and career. We will champion client success by offering various applications, products, and coaching sessions tailored to meet their life goals.

We believe our clients are the heartbeat of their destiny and are mutually

“Destined for Greatness” 

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