You are the
  • heartbeat of your destiny
  • heartbeat of your destiny
  • heartbeat of your destiny


Do you want to continually check your pulse as you evolve into your best self?

"I believe you can manifest your best life as long as you are courageous and committed to doing the work."

Angel Riley always had a tremendous sensory for organizational leadership.
When that talent was met with her radiant and empathic nature, she became a natural candidate for a career in life coaching and development. Angel’s certification as a Life Coach by way of the Tony Gaskins Academy, could not have been a better confirmation of that calling. Having already attained a mastery of education in the realms of International Studies and Government Management, Angel was poised for helping the world at large to map out their every day lives.

Emboldened to inspire many, she launched “Destined for Greatness”, a multi-faceted life coaching program that champions clients to value themselves and acknowledge that they are at the heartbeat of their destiny. Angel encourages people to organize their paths, by aligning their personal aspiration with the four pulses of life: faith, love, finance, and career.  Through innovation and accountability, Angel customizes a development plan that offers her clients various products, coaching, and therapeutic resolve to become successful at executing their life goals. She is a master at helping people resist the stronghold of perfectionism and self-sabotage. She believes that the infatuation with having to have every detail hashed out stifles life’s natural progression, ultimately causing us to miss the voice of God, which she believes is a harness for life organization.

Angel believes in assisting humanity. Her goal is to help over 1 million people achieve their personal aspirations through the services she provides at “Destined for Greatness”. 

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